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  • Jack Spargo

    Jack Spargo

    technologist, entrepreneur, web developer and innovator. I love cooking, live in Belfast and want to share my thoughts on technology and food...

  • Mikael Lechat

    Mikael Lechat

    iOS Engineer

  • Rakesh Vallabh

    Rakesh Vallabh

  • Alexander Cohen

    Alexander Cohen

    Engineering stuff at FB

  • Simon Whitehouse

    Simon Whitehouse

    iOS Developer @teamcrugo @weartheframes @Tagstr. Bsc(Hons) Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science

  • Johannes Plunien

    Johannes Plunien

    Random Engineer, currently working at eBay on the Kleinanzeigen iOS app. Private account, blame me, not my employer

  • Saqib Saud

    Saqib Saud

    Passionate iOS Developer, Blogger and Photographer.

  • David Lewis

    David Lewis

    To know me is to love me.

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